Our Mission

Jack in the Box Early Learning Centers provide a nurturing, warm and caring environment where children can develop basic skills and build a solid foundation for future learning. We foster the cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth in young children. Through discovery, creative play and structured learning, we encourage each child to blossom while experiencing the joys and spontaneous delights of childhood.

Here is what people are saying about Jack in the Box Preschools:

Dear Miss Christine,

Saying thank you doesn’t seem enough for all you’ve done to enrich my children’s lives and warm all of our hearts with the tender loving care that Jack in the Box is famous for. Your personal attention and counseling has helped me beyond measure and I’ll always remember (and benefit from) your kind and wise expertise. We’ll all miss you so.

Love, Ian, Erica and Hope

Dear Miss Sue,

You were there for my brother and sister, and you were there for me too. Thank you so much for everything! (I sure hope you will be there for my kids too!)

Love, Vincent

Dear Miss Sue:

Any parent who did not choose Jack in the Box for preschool simply made the mistake of a lifetime. Our experience here has been nothing less than wonderful. We never had to worry about what they were doing or who was taking care of them or what they were learning. Leaving the boys at Jack in the Box made us feel as secure as leaving them with our own family. Jack in the Box always felt more as an extension of our home rather than an official preschool.

Christopher still asks for and remembers Miss Nicole. She made such an impression on him. Gregory enjoyed being in Miss Grisel’s class. He was very happy (and lucky) to have Miss Stacy with him through his preschool years. Miss Maria started Gregory on his path to success and was the key to his excellent preschool experience. Thank goodness for her advice on convincing us to keep Greg at Jack in the Box for another year.

This year Bernadette really made Gregory shine. We loved talking with her everyday and could tell that she really loved Gregory. To her and all of you our deepest respect and admiration.

We would also like to thank Miss Janet and Miss Debbie for their terrific greetings and for always making us feel welcome and happy.

We will really miss Jack in the Box and all the great people who make it very special place. We know you all really loved our kids, took great care of them, and taught them well!

Sincerely, Peter and Eileen Kruimer