What Our Parents Say

Dear Ms. Maria and Ms. Sue,

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the improvement that I have seen in my son.

When my son was given the turkey feather cutout to decorate, he insisted that he does it by himself. I was surprised because the first thing that he did was write his full name. I was very impressed because it had only been a couple of months of pre-school.

While working on a little workbook that he got from a birthday party there was an exercise that asked for words that rhymes with what was given. He asked me to spell the words ball, fall, wall, fun, run and bat. I wasn’t even paying attention until my husband asked me if he really knows how to write those words now. That’s when I looked at what my son did and I have to tell you that my husband and I were amazed that he wrote all of those words without any help from us.

Your pre-school teachers are doing a great job. They are very effective in making the kids learn in such a fun way and I love their energy.

Best Regards,

Dear Miss Sue:

Any parent who did not choose Jack in the Box for preschool simply made the mistake of a lifetime. Our experience here has been nothing less than wonderful. We never had to worry about what they were doing or who was taking care of them or what they were learning. Leaving the boys at Jack in the Box made us feel as secure as leaving them with our own family. Jack in the Box always felt more as an extension of our home rather than an official preschool.

My son still asks for and remembers his teacher. Jack in the box school also started my other son on his path to success also and was the key to his excellent preschool experience. Thank goodness for the directors advice on convincing us to keep him at Jack in the Box for another year. To all of you our deepest respect and admiration.

We will really miss Jack in the Box School and all the great people who make it a very special place. We know you all really loved our kids, took great care of them, and taught them well!

Sincerely, Peter and Eileen

Dear Miss Sue & Maria,

I cannot say enough about how amazing your school is. Hannah has truly blossomed this past year and we know this is due to the wonderful, nurturing and supportive teachers at your school. Her speech has improved greatly and she is volunteering more words, animal sounds, etc. than ever before. She’s become more social with other children and less shy around new people, and is more open to trying new things. And it’s a wonderful feeling for a mom to know that my daughter is in safe, secure, loving care. We are truly blessed to have found your school, and thank you for all you do for the JIB children and families. Keep up the great work!

All the best always, Christine


Good morning Maria,

We wanted to share that we’re going to be moving to San Diego this summer. Our flight is on 6/26 so Rumi’s last day will be 6/25.
We cannot adequately express our gratitude for the care, kindness, and expertise the team has provided this last year. We feel forever grateful that Rumi got to attend Jack in the Box. She has always been so excited to go and loves coming home and telling us all the amazing things you all are doing each day. The structure and support you provide the kids is so beautiful. She’s really thrived under your care.
We’ll miss you all so much but are hoping to try out some warmer weather. We wanted to give as much notice as possible so you could look to fill her seat.
Thank you!
Emily & Ashley

Dear Miss Christine,

Saying thank you doesn’t seem enough for all you’ve done to enrich my children’s lives and warm all of our hearts with the tender loving care that Jack in the Box is famous for. Your personal attention and counseling has helped me beyond measure and I’ll always remember (and benefit from) your kind and wise expertise. We’ll all miss you so.

Love, Ian, Erica and Hope


Dear Miss Maria,

How time flies.  Our son has had another happy year at JIB from the Two’s class to the Three’s class thanks to your leadership and guidance.  He learns, grows, and comes back home with big smiles and talks about the fun happenings at school.  We know it is all because of the passion and devotion of you and all the teachers. Thank you for everything as always. Wishing you and your family happy and jolly Holidays!!

A Very Happy JIB Family